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Xivents est une association organisatrice d'évènements, créée par des passionnés de séries TV et de cinéma.

Notre but : vous proposer des évènements uniques où vous aurez la possibilité de rencontrer vos stars favorites !

Nous souhaitons organiser des évènements selon VOS envies ! Alors n'hésitez pas à vous manifester auprès de nous et nous faire part de vos souhaits.

Nous ne sommes là que pour les réaliser...


Xivents is an association making events, created by TV show and movie lovers.

Our objective: propose you unique events where you will have the chance to meet your favorite stars!

We wish to organise events according to YOUR longings! So do not hesitate to give us a sign and to share your whishes with us.

We are here only to make them become true...

Please Help!!!

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Please Help!!! Empty Please Help!!!

Message  Garethlindsay90210 le Sam 30 Nov 2013 - 4:34

I am in Paris over the weekend of you're event.

I am a huge fan of David Anders and I would be very interested in attending in order to get the opportunity to meet him.

I am staying at Euro Disney, is the venue where the event is being held easy to get to from here? How would I be able to travel to the venue?
I am from Ireland and have never been to Paris before, so not sure on trains or public transport.

When purchasing photo shoot opportunities it doesn't give you a specified day for these, are the actors doing photo shoots on both days or do they gave a set day as I would want to attend on the day David's photo shoot is happening as I would love a picture with him.

Please can someone help me??????


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Please Help!!! Empty Re: Please Help!!!

Message  Mazellelily le Lun 2 Déc 2013 - 10:14

Unfortunately at the convention is the opposite of Disneyland Paris, so in the transport you will have to make many changes.
Otherwise actors have photo sessions over the two days but you have to have a pass to enter.

Transportation hast thou: 1:26 transport.
And two styles of transport RER A and Bus 52.

This is the roadmap that you would:

Depart Gare de Marne La Vallée Chessy (the Disneyland Paris)
RER A direction "Poissy", get off at "Charles de Gaulle-Etoile"

Since "Charles de Gaulle-Etoile" take bus 25 direction "Parc de Saint Cloud" get off "-Jean Jaures Metro".

And then walk to "Carré Belle Feuille".

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