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Xivents is an association making events, created by TV show and movie lovers.

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11 Ideas of How to Make XeniteCon II a Successful Event

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11 Ideas of How to Make XeniteCon II  a Successful Event Empty 11 Ideas of How to Make XeniteCon II a Successful Event

Message  A-r-e-k le Mar 16 Avr 2013 - 12:34

Maybe the organizers
of this convention will at last consider these ideas…Fingers crossed.

  • In general: Do you remember The Musical convention? Well, look carefully and learn from it…No offense, but The Musical convention was a great lesson how NOT to do a convention. It was very badly organized. I remember the shock when Renee O’Connor first panel was violently stopped. She wanted to stay longer and talk with fans, but the moderators said that the time's up (????) and then the nervous French girl took the stage and started to read from the notebook her essay on Xena…WTF? Also there was capoeira presentation (???), long and pointless translations from English to French during panels (something like live translation from English is never done anywhere else in the world) …Two moderators (instead of one, and both of them were hungry for attention), boring program., lack of ideas, and no crew. Please don’t repeat the same
    mistakes! Don’t make The Musical Con II!

  • Advertise it as the one and only European Xena Convention, not a French convention. You want to lure Xena fans from outside France?
    Make the effort! You’ll see - If you won’t do it, you will be forced to
    cancel the convention.

  • Create the real English message board with the registration in English. Why nobody posts here? Because even the registration is in French. C’mon, even the rules of so-called English message board are in French!!!

  • Promote it on IMDB’s pages for Xena, Lucy, Renee etc.

  • Ask Miss O’Connor is there a possiblity of “in-costume” photoshoot. She did it in the US. Her look hasn’t changed a bit. Ask her, beg her, do whatever it takes. It would be a great opportunity for fans.

  • Miss O’Connor does great workshops. Ask her to do one during a convention.

  • Make an internet buzz via project of kickstarter campaign for Xena’s revival.

  • Make it possible to buy VIP Passs without ebay auction. For instance, I’m from Poland and ready to buy two 500 euros passes. But I can’t wait til those auctions forever (= after two first auctions). I have to plan everything in advance – flight tickets, hotels, taking a break from my work.

  • Xenite II Convention Program has to be magnificent and unique. Put various Xena contests to the program. How about Nintendo fight-game contest? Or Xena Board Game contest? Put the exclusive presentation of Xenite Con I video materials on
    the big screen.

  • Ask Miss O’Connor to do live commentary on episode – show the episode on the big screen.

  • Make this program available now – show people that you are creating something exceptional, not some bizarre unprofessional con with capoiera dancing., school-grade essays reading and other unrelated things.


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